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Our mission is to show appreciation for First Responders, Medical Providers, and all essential workers while giving back to the community. 

Here’s how.



We sell lawn signs.  Over online payment methods, our original fundraiser and branch of chapters across the country sells lawn signs to those in their local communities.  Once ordered, we receive and distribute the lawn signs among our community.  With efforts to social distance, we receive payments online and deliver the sign straight to your lawn.  


We promote local business.  We support local business in making sure that all chapters purchase from local manufacturers in their community in order to produce lawn signs and advertising material.  Therefore, the cost of the sign is put right back into the community by stimulating a local business.


We show appreciation. Our lawn signs thank First Responders, Medical Providers, and all essential workers through text and insignia.  These  signs are displayed on lawns across the country, from Sea Girt to California, displaying the fact that we Americans care about those who are risking their lives to keep us safe on the front lines.  

We give back to our community.  All the profits raised from selling lawn signs for each chapter are donated to local organizations.  The first fundraiser, which was launched in Monmouth County New Jersey, donated profits to an organization known as Feed the Frontline.  Feed the Frontline donates meals and supplies to medical providers in Monmouth County Hospitals.  Other chapters around the country donate directly to hospitals, food banks, or other nonprofits dependent on the location of the chapter.  You can find more information about each specific chapter on our chapters page.



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Our original “Thank You Lawn Signs” fundraiser was started in Monmouth County, New Jersey by founder Liam Marshall.  Inspired by banners he had been seeing while on runs in his town, Liam decided to launch a fundraiser to sell signs to residents in the surrounding area.  He started with a mockup of a lawn sign on Adobe Illustrator, almost the exact same as the signs that are currently being distributed, and a flyer that he posted on social media.  With an initial order of 75 to a local manufacturer, he had no idea just how large a span his lawn signs would reach.  


Within days, Liam had orders for hundreds in his area.  As he tried to keep up with demand, word about his fundraiser spread.  It received attention from local newspapers, and as his original Facebook post eventually reached New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy, it also received attention during one of Murphy’s COVID-19 updates broadcasted to New Jersey and surrounding states.  Since, Liam has also received coverage from, Star News Group, and was even featured for an interview with the nationally broadcasted morning show Fox and Friends.  


Liam’s first chapter was created in Laguna Beach, California by current partner Kate Gilles.  Kate and Liam are both freshmen at Georgetown University in the McDonough School of Business.  Kate was eager to begin working, and has since worked with Liam to expand their fundraising efforts across the country.  Since Kate’s partnership, Thank You Lawn Signs has spread to other states such as Pennsylvania and New York.  What originally started as an order of 75 signs has turned into thousands of signs being distributed country-wide.  Our end goal, although not everyone can currently be reached, would be to provide a sign for anyone that wants one in the United States.  


None of this would have been possible without so many people.  Thank you to the Thank You Lawn Signs team, the many that have donated their time to delivering signs across the country, our local manufacturers, Liam and Kate’s family and friends who have helped them lift this off the ground, and all those that have bought signs and supported the fundraising efforts.  Keep this going!  We are only just getting started!





Liam Marshall is a Freshman at Georgetown University in the McDonough School of Business.  He lives in Sea Girt, New Jersey and attended Communications High School in Wall, New Jersey.  Liam is currently the Director of Operations for Students of Georgetown Inc., the largest completely student run non profit in the world.  He is also a consultant for Georgetown Ventures, a student run entrepreneurship accelerator and consulting firm.  Currently taking online classes from home, Liam wanted a way to get involved in his community during this time of need.




Kate Gilles is attending Georgetown University, where she is a freshman in the McDonough School of Business. She currently lives in Laguna Beach, California. Kate has always been interested in entrepreneurship, acting as a consultant at Georgetown Ventures as well as developing an environmentally-based startup and pitching it in the Georgetown Entrepreneurship Challenge. Kate has always admired the sense of community in her hometown, and working on this allows her to give back. 

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